Launched in 2004 by Plastic by GLY, FLYING MONKEY is a premium denim brand exclusively catering to retailers seeking cutting-edge styles. Our focus on unique, contemporary designs is aimed at accentuating the beauty of the body and embodying the stylish identity of individuality. FLYING MONKEY Jeans stands out for its diverse range of unique styles and an exceptional fit that flawlessly shapes the figure. We take pride and passion in consistently releasing products of the highest quality, constructed with meticulous attention and care. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our exclusive use of the finest fabrics, processed through top-tier washes.


As a wholesale provider, FLYING MONKEY offers a wide array of lines to cater to various age groups and genres. Our designs are not only stylish but also on-trend, ensuring that retailers can provide their customers with the latest fashion options. Renowned for our best-selling jeans and higher-end novelty styles, FLYING MONKEY has garnered a substantial following by staying true to our motto of guaranteed fits that exude a sense of freedom and beauty.


Discover the nationwide presence of FLYING MONKEY, a brand celebrated for its fantastic fit and outstanding designs. Available in specialty boutique stores across the globe, retailers can offer their clientele the latest in denim fashion. Join us on this journey, where fashion meets freedom—fly to release your mind, body, and soul. Find your unique selection at FLYING MONKEY and set your retail offerings soaring.